We’ve collected these resources to help you reach your financial goals. These tools are provided as a service, and the results of all calculations are estimates only and are not an absolute result to your financial questions.

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Financial Calculators

Mortgage Calculator: View the total interest and total payment for a mortgage or other loan based on the loan amount, years of payments and annual interest rate.

Mortgage Refinance Breakeven Calculator: Determine if you should refinance your mortgage and when you will break even.

Loan Amortization Calculator: Determine a loan amount based on your desired monthly payment or vice versa.

Credit Card Payoff Calculator: View the monthly payment and length of time it will take to pay off your credit card.

Social Security Calculator: Estimate your Social Security benefits using the Social Security Administration’s Quick Calculator.

Retirement Income Calculator: Evaluate your retirement income plan.

Children’s Education Savings Calculator: Evaluate your college savings plan.

Goal Calculator: Determine the investment needed to achieve your goal.

Hourly Paycheck Calculator: Compute gross and net pay for an hourly paycheck, including the various withholdings.

Salaried Paycheck Calculator: Compute gross and net pay for a single paycheck, including the various withholdings.

Second Income Calculator: Estimate your additional monthly net pay after expenses if you add an additional income.

Loan Payment Frequency Calculator: View how much sooner a loan or mortgage can be paid off as well as how much interest and expense can be saved if payments are changed from monthly to bi-weekly and the payment amount is cut in half.

Minimum IRA Distribution Calculator: Determine the amount that the federal government requires you to withdraw annually from your IRA.